Fairfield Pilates is proud of our certified, experienced Pilates instructors. Take a moment to meet them…

Cait Lyddy, Owner

Cait-LyddyCait was first introduced to Pilates in 1991 as a classically trained dancer in NYC. The transformation in her body and in the way she danced was profound.

After 10 years of practicing Pilates and 15 yrs of dancing professionally, Cait received her Comprehensive training at the Kane School of Core Integration. Kelly Kane’s program provided her with a wealth of anatomical knowledge and deep understanding of biomechanics. With a few years of teaching behind her, Cait began to see the deeper results of classical Pilates and began her migration over to the other side.

She continues to take weekly sessions with Mejo Wiggin, Simona Cipriani and Marcelo Tapia to increase her knowledge of the classical method the way Joseph Pilates taught it and Romana Kryzanowska carried it on.

Cait brings energy, passion and a keen eye to each and every session and thrives on working with all populations.

Leslie Gluck

LeslieGluckLeslie received her certification in the instruction of the Authentic Pilates Method from the United States Pilates Association. Her comprehensive, 700 hour apprenticeship and studies, including anatomy and physiology, were completed with The Art of Control at Purchase College working under teachers directly linked to Joseph Pilates and his original teaching methods. Her instructors were Second Generation Master Teacher Simona Cipriani and Second Generation Master Teacher of Teachers and Educational Director of the Pilates Method Alliance, Brett Howard.

Leslie continues her studies and exploration of the method by attending conferences, and continuing education workshops with Master Pilates instructors from around the world. She also continues her mentoring sessions with Master Pilates instructors; Simona Cipriani and Mejo Wiggin, both highly regarded within the Authentic Pilates community.

With her energy, strong passion and belief in the Pilates method, Leslie will guide you to help you achieve your personal goals.

Dana Nelson

Dana NelsonDana Nelson first came to Pilates as a client in 1998. She had been working as a Photography Director at Conde Nast Publications and raising a family when she developed a passion for Pilates which then became a lifelong vocation.

After she moved to Connecticut from New York City, Dana studied with Second Generation Master Teacher Simona Cipriani, and received her certification in the instruction of the Authentic Pilates Method from the United States Pilates Association in early 2009.

Since becoming certified, Dana has worked for The Art of Control at SUNY Purchase College, Fiore Pilates in Mamaroneck, Ward Pilates in Darien, and Movement Design in New Canaan. Dana also works with senior citizens at the Meadow Ridge Senior Living Center.

A firm believer in continuing education to enhance her expertise, Dana attends frequent seminars and conferences with master Pilates instructors from around the world. She works to build on her own knowledge in order to enrich the Pilates experience for her clients and help them with their individual needs and goals.

Dana holds a bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and lives in Redding, CT.

Tracy Bloom

TracyBloomCertified Pilates Instructor Tracy Bloom was introduced to Pilates by second-generation teacher MaryAnne Genuario in 2003, a student of Pilates elder Mary Bowen.

After many years teaching Pilates matwork, Tracy Bloom was certified in 2010 by the United States Pilates AssociationT a licensee of the New York Pilates StudioR Teacher Certification Program, the first and oldest Pilates professional training program in the world.

She trains regularly with Master Teachers Simona Cipriani and Shari Berkowitz, both second-generation teachers certified by Joseph Pilates’ protege Romana Kryzanowska. Tracy has attended education workshops with Peter Fiasca, Brett Howard, Tracy Fiore, Kathi Ross-Nash, and Dorothee VandeWalle, and has studied privately with Mejo Wiggins, Danielle Armstrong, and many other wonderful instructors.

Tracy Bloom attended Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College, and has a BS degree. She practices licensed therapeutic massage in New York and Connecticut, and is a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy comprehensive 2-year program.

Tracy is also American Council on Exercise certified to train personal fitness, and is a competitive weightlifter with Team Connecticut Weightlifting Club, having achieved the title of Master’s National Champion in 2008. “Healing occurs in the presence of movement.”

A favorite saying is, “Healing occurs in the presence of movement”.

Kristen Londoño

Kristen LondoñoKristen Londoño is a comprehensively certificated classical Pilates instructor through The NY Pilates Studio of the United States Pilates Association, certified by Master Teacher Brett Howard (Pilates Haus, New Jersey). She has taught for more than seven years in studios all over the country, as well as owning and operating her own studio in Pittsburgh prior to relocating to Fairfield.

Kristen’s life has always revolved around physical fitness, sports and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. She has trained and competed in everything from soccer and swimming, to flag football and tennis. After graduating with a BA from Colorado State University, she moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue a public relations career in the professional sports industry. During her time in Orlando, she became eager to find a new exercise regime that would not only continually challenge her physically and mentally, but would also strengthen and tone her body.

Through Authentic Pilates, Kristen saw and felt results almost immediately. Her overall flexibility and strength increased dramatically, her posture improved, and long-term back pain associated with sway back and a pinched nerve practically disappeared. After only a few months, she knew teaching Pilates to others would be her next passion.

In February of 2009, she was accepted into the prestigious NY Pilates Studio Certification Program; the oldest authentic certification program in existence, requiring more than 600 hours of seminars, teaching and training under Master Teacher Brett Howard and Teacher of Teachers, David Freeman and Jennifer O’Mara. She is now fully certified and remains both active with the program and current with her continuing education.

Erica Mara

EricaMaraSince receiving her STOTT and Pilates Academy International certifications in mat and apparatus, Erica has been helping others reach their individual fitness goals through the mind/body connection.

Erica began as a dancer and spent the last 12 years performing in numerous shows throughout the country. Through her pursuit of dance and its rigorous training, Erica followed her natural sense of precision and discovered the wonders of Pilates. Applying creativity, communication and motivation, she is utilizing her extensive dance knowledge combined with her Pilates education to teach her clients.

Erica’s goal is to create a fun, safe and exciting Pilates experience that will satisfy each persons specific needs. She is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Annick Moreau

Annick-MoreauAnnick Moreau was born and raised in France. A dancer and ballet teacher, her career brought her to Las Vegas, NV, where she performed in Cirque du Soleil for 7 years.

After suffering a back injury and finding help through Pilates, she decided to become a teacher. She did a certification at UNLV with Dolly Kelpecz, DK Body Balancing Method.

Since 2005 she has enjoyed helping clients to feel good and strong.She has taught in Las Vegas, Brooklyn, and just joined recently Fairfield Pilates.

Willis Middleton

Willis-MiddletonWillis Middleton is a classically trained Pilates instructor who has recently relocated to Ridgefield from Winter Park, FL where she has been training clients since 1999.

Willis is certified on all the Pilates apparatus through the Pilates Method of Body training founded by Joseph Pilates direct protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. Willis feels that by studying privately with Romana, she has a direct link to Joseph Pilates revolutionary concepts and work.

She believes in constantly expanding her knowledge and continues her Pilates training through the Bodies Mind Program of Study based in Mill Valley, CA.