The Pilates

The Pilates Method is a system of physical fitness designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Pilates was a true pioneer in the field of complete body fitness. The exercises emphasize controlled movement with correct form and will engage the mind as well as the body. Some of the benefits of Pilates include longer leaner muscles, improved coordination, increased flexibility and strength, better posture, increased circulation, and an overall feeling of physical and mental well being.

DuetsCore Strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. The basic idea is that if the core muscles (deep abdominals, gluts and back) are strong and doing their job properly, then the rest of the body is free to move fully and gracefully without unnecessary tension.

Our group pilates classes and private pilates sessions are designed around the basics of Pilates (flexibility, a strong core, deep breathing and optimized posture), as well as concentrating on strength training, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and achieving the optimum body shape as well as your personal fitness goals.

We specialize in creating personalized class formats as well as group class settings. At Fairfield Pilates, you’ll enjoy the rush of group sessions enhanced by the personal attention of individual training.


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